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•Alternative surfboards hand crafted and finely glassed•
•ct za•


 Over the last few years, one of the techniques that has separated me from the crowd are my botanical surfboards. I use dried and pressed flowers that are carefully laminated into the boards, creating a beautiful and one-of-a-kind aesthetic.


These floral 'decorations' are one of the many 'Bells & Whistles' you have the choice of adding to your base custom board. If you choose to go this route, Ill then generally ask you to come and join me in the workshop for an hour or two during the process of making your board. 


You'll have the opportunity to personally select and layout your own floral arrangement on your board. We'll then seal the real flowers beneath the resin, preserving their natural beauty and creating a surfboard that's truly unique. 

The result is a surfboard that not only performs in the water, but also serves as a beautiful expression of art.

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