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•Alternative surfboards hand crafted and finely glassed•
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My name is Henry Muller, also known as 'Chomper'. 


I'm a surfer, shaper, runner, and cyclist based in Cape Town, South Africa. Born and raised in this beautiful city, I've always been drawn to the ocean and the outdoors. Before I started surfing, I was a downhill skateboarder competing on the national circuit and became the SA Junior Champ in 2014. However, a knee injury and surgery forced me to take a break and shift my focus to surfing. And that's when I discovered my passion for shaping surfboards.

When I'm not in the shaping bay, you can usually find me amoungst the waves, hitting the trails on foot, on the tar and gravel roads with my bike or simply taking it easy with my partner and our two dogs. I love living an active and healthy lifestyle, and I believe that hard work and dedication are the keys to achieving success in any aspect of life.


I'm also an ambassador for Jack Black's Beer, a local craft brewery in Cape Town, which aligns with my passion for quality and my love for a good reward after a hard day's work.

Overall, I'm someone who's connected to the natural world, and I strive to create surfboards that embody the timeless art of surf culture while also respecting the environment. My goal is to make surfboards that will stand the test of time and prove valid for years to come.


I try to live in a manner that will inspire others to live a passionate life filled with adventure and purpose.

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