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•Alternative surfboards hand crafted and finely glassed•
•ct za•

•Build your own board•

  • Location: The workshop takes place at Chomper Surfcraft's workshop located at 36 Worcester Street, Hout Bay in Cape Town, South Africa.

  • Availability: The workshop is available any week from Monday to Friday. You can choose your preferred week on the Google calendar shown in the 'BOOK AND PAY' page.

  • Pricing: The workshop's pricing is determined by the length of the board you are wanting to build and is as follows:

      - R20000 for Shortboards (below 6'10")

       - R23000 for Midlengths

      - R25000 for Longboards (above 8'5")

      There are no hidden costs or extras.

  • Beginner-friendly: No knowledge of power tools or surfboard crafting is necessary. The workshop is designed for all levels of experience, including total beginners. You will be guided and assisted throughout the process.

  • Attire:implore you to wear clothes you don't mind getting potentially ruined during the workshop, as it can get messy. Closed shoes are mandatory. 

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): PPE will be provided as part of the workshop. This includes dust/vapour masks, ear protection, protective apron and safety glasses.

  • Lunch: Throughout the workshop, lunch will be provided each day, taking into consideration any dietary specifications you may have.

  • Hours: You're welcome to join the workshop for as long as you'd like within the hours of 10am to 3pm*

*If these hours are not suitable to your schedule, please dont stress: Reach out to me via email and we can discuss something that may suit you better. 

Hand-shaping Process:

We'll start the workshop by diving into the art of hand-shaping. From selecting the right blank to using traditional tools and techniques, you'll learn how to shape the board to your desired design. I'll be there to guide you through the process, sharing my expertise and tips to help you create a surfboard that matches your vision.
Chomper Surfcraft-14.jpg
Taping off for the First Lamination and Subsequent Cut-Lap

With the basic shape of the board completed, we'll move on to taping off for the first lamination. You'll learn how to properly apply the fibreglass cloth to the blank and how to create a clean cut-lap for a seamless finish. We will then tackle the first lamination. Attention to detail and precision will be key as we work towards achieving a flawless glass-job.
Second Lamination, Placing the Logos, and Filler-Coats/Hot-Coats

In this session, we'll apply the second lamination and focus on adding the finishing touches. You'll learn how to place logos or artwork on the board and how to apply filler-coats and hot-coats to achieve a smooth surface. We'll discuss techniques for creating a professional-looking finish that's both visually appealing and functional.
Chomper Surfcraft-35.jpg
Chomper Surfcraft-43.jpg
Chomper Surfcraft-16.jpg
Install Fins/Leash-Plug and Rough Sanding

As we near the completion of your surfboard, we'll focus on installing the fins and leash-plug. You'll learn how to properly position and secure these essential components for optimal performance in the water. We'll also move on to rough sanding, smoothing out any imperfections and preparing the board for its final gloss coat.
Add Extra Aesthetics and Final Gloss-Coat

In the final session, we'll add any extra aesthetics that you desire, such as pin-lines or resin panels, to customize your board to your liking. We'll then apply the final gloss-coat, giving your surfboard a stunning, glossy finish that's not only visually appealing but also adds an additional layer that protects the board and enhances its lifespan. 
Chomper Surfcraft-70.jpg
PHOTO-2021-06-01-10-47-37 2.jpg
Over the Weekend
Personal Final Sanding and Polishing

After the workshop sessions, I'll personally take care of the final sanding and polishing of your surfboard to ensure it meets my high-quality standards. Your board will be ready for collection the following Monday, polished to perfection and ready to hit the waves.


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