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•Alternative surfboards hand crafted and finely glassed•
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•Build your own board•
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Thank you for your interest in the Chomper Surfcraft Build-Your-Own-Board workshop!


To book your spot, simply choose any available week (Monday to Friday) from the calendar below.

If a slot is visible, it means that week is free to be booked.


Once you've decided on a week that suites your schedule, please click on one of the booking options below to complete payment for the workshop.

 I'll then contact you to confirm all the details and discuss any specific requests you may have.

Remember, just bring yourself and an eagerness to learn. 

Lets see what we can create together!

PHOTO-2021-06-01-10-47-40 2.jpg

The Chomper Surfcraft Build-Your-Own-Board workshop offers three different pricing options according to your desired board:


  • R20 000 for shortboards (below 6'10")

  • R23 000 for midlengths

  • R25 000 for longboards (above 8'5")

Please note that all the pricing options are all-inclusive, meaning that it covers the cost of all materials and equipment needed for your board, lunch on all workshop days, as well as the final product of course.

If you are unable to make full payment at the time of booking, you have the option to pay a flat rate deposit of R12000,

with the remaining amount due at least one week prior to your workshop date.


This deposit ensures your spot in the workshop and allows us to reserve your materials in advance.

Please note that your workshop will not commence until full payment has been received.

©2023 Chomper Surfcraft

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