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•Alternative surfboards hand crafted and finely glassed•
•ct za•

Two surfers looking for the perfect waves

Welcome to Chomper Surfcraft, where passion meets a true sense of craftsmanship.

My name is Henry Müller, and I am the shaper, glasser and sander here at Chomper.


Located in Cape Town, South Africa, Chomper Surfcraft is all about handcrafting surfboards in the classic style of the 60s & 70s, using traditional techniques and a labour of love approach.

The aim is to pay homage to the craftsmen of the past and create timeless surfboards that embody the art of surfboard culture.

My ethos is one of inclusivity and I welcome enthusiasts of all levels to join me on this journey of passion, learning, and appreciation for surfboard history. 

©2023 Chomper Surfcraft

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